Pick up where you left off
The biggest advantage of using Vocabulary Builder is that you are able to pick up where you left off. You may spend few weeks of serious study and then off to a vacation to China or to a fun summer camp. When you come back, you probably forget where you left off. A new feature was added so you are able to tell where you left off as soon as you signed on. A progress report that list all the words you learned in green and all the words you have not studied or have difficulty with in red. By looking at the color coded word list, you can pick up where you left off quickly. Example Progress Report
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SAT Vocabulary Builder (SATVB) is a online tool for learning words that are most likely appears in SAT reading test. The words used in this tool are listed in "Barron's SAT, 24th Edition" book.

SAT Hot List - A list of 170 words which often appears in SAT test as key words in questions and answers. Study this list if you only have a few weeks before your SAT test.

SAT 800 - SAT High-Frequency Word List. Each of these words has appeared (as answer choices or as question words) from eight to forty times on SAT published in the past two decades. Study this list if you have few months to prepare for SAT test.

SAT 3500 - The complete SAT Word List. Study this list if you have more than a year before your SAT test.

iPod Touch Version - How to use iPod Touch Version.

SAT Vocabulary Builder

How to Use SAT Vocabulary Builder


Browse the word list


Click on "SAT 800" button, you will get a new page as shown below. On the left side of the page is the word list. The words are organized into a list of folders in alphabetic order.


Click on a folder to see the words within the folder. Click on a word will place the word in the "Flash Card" on the right side of the page as show below.


If you already know most of the words in SAT vocabulary, browsing the word list is a good way to review and learn only the words you don't know yet.


Study the words in small group


For most students with a limited SAT vocabulary, learning words in a big list is not efficient. You may not be able to get vary far down the list before you forget the words at the beginning of the list. Also, it is boring and confusing when you try to study a group of words that all starts with the same letter and looks similar.


To study words in small group, click on "Group" tab, you will see a list of word group as shown below.


You can open the folder to see the words in the group show below. However, click on the word will not place the word in the "Flash Card" on the right.


To study a group, you need to highlight the group by clicking on it, and then click on "Select" button to place the group you selected into "Flash Card" on the right as show below.



Once you selected a group, you can focus on the right side of the page to study a group of 20 words using "Flash Card" and/or "Quiz".


Flash Card


Using flashcards to study and build vocabulary is highly recommended by all SAT preparation books. Flashcards allow you to focus on one word at a time so you will not be distracted by other words in the list. There are many options as to how the flashcard is displayed. The default way of display is showing the word followed by a brief definition and then followed by a usage example. You can choose to only display the word or the definition.


After you have learned all words in the group, change the "Display Options" to only display word and usage. You can use the "Next" button to go through all words to see if you can remember the meaning of the words.


You can also hear the pronunciation of the word in the flashcard by clicking on the image next to the word.




After you studied all the words in the group, you can review and quiz yourself on these words. Click on "Quiz" tab, you will get the screen below.


There are three forms of quiz, the first is "Select the best definition of a given word" as show in above screen. The second way to take the quiz is "Sentence completion" as shown in screen below


The third option of taking the quiz is "Select the best word for a given definition" as shown below


The quiz covers all the words in the word group you selected and can be taken as many times as you like. You will get an entirely new quiz each time you get quizzed on the same group of words you selected.


Send your comments

Please let us know how we can improve the SAT Vocabulary Builder. If you have any suggestions, please tell us so we can improve. Also, let us know if you find any bug in the program. Send your comments to
Update history

12/15/2009 - Added difficulty level for each word.

To help you tracking your progress, each word in SATVB was assigned a difficulty level in the range of 1 to 9. The difficulty level is set to 5 initially. The difficulty level of each word is also automatically adjusted each time you take a quiz. Each time you answer the question correctly, the difficulty level of the word being quizzed is reduced by one. Each time you make a mistake, the difficulty level will increase by one.

When you browse the words, you need to pay special attention to words that has a difficulty level higher than 5. Also, when you load the words, you can filter out those words you already know well. For example, you can chose to load only those words with a difficulty level of 4 or higher. That means the words you quizzed correctly more than twice (difficulty level of 3 or lower) will not get loaded. Your word list will decrease as you progress so you can focus on words that are really hard for you.

To have your individual quiz results and word difficulty level recorded, you need to register and create an account and logon using your own user id and password.

You can also use SATVB without logon. In this case, the difficulty level of each word is the cumulative result of all users quiz results.

To load words of a specific difficulty level or higher, select a word level in the dropdown list box above the "SATVB 800" button. To load all words, select 1 in the dropdown list box (which is the default).

06/23/2011 - Added "How to use SAT Vocabulary Builder"

07/14/2011 - Added "Progress Report"

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5 Jason H 947 03/13/11
6 Acai 822 07/21/11
7 Dec 17 714 12/17/11
8 coco 704 05/11/10
9 Nov27 700 11/27/11
10 Juan 696 04/06/10
11 Hcai 687 11/04/11
12 blueprint 670 04/10/11
13 piggy 604 08/16/10
14 Jan 29 596 01/29/12
15 JeffB 561 06/27/10
16 tennisryan2 548 05/22/10
17 Anonymous 542 05/11/10
18 ryan 541 08/12/10
19 The_Hunter 537 05/11/10
20 Lucy 536 08/29/10
21 Jeff B 531 02/12/10
22 The_Hunted 529 05/13/10
23 No Name 524 05/09/10
24 zerg 504 01/09/11
25 srdgtdfgdfgf 499 12/18/11
26 ram 2 490 05/11/10
27 ---...--..-. 486 08/19/10
28 I hate the S 483 03/22/11
29 Froggert 468 08/21/11
30 Cat 456 03/23/11
31 555555555 455 08/10/10
32 ~0_0~ 446 09/29/11
33 hi 422 08/07/11
34 Ulzzang 409 01/14/11
35 Im Yoona :D 408 10/25/10
36 Addison 404 01/02/11
37 tennisryan1 400 04/27/10
38 <'))>< #3 400 04/19/11
39 Lord Voldemo 384 06/06/11
40 kat 380 09/15/10
41 Ms. Hawt 376 02/06/11
42 kdong <3 372 09/16/10
43 Goo Hara 365 10/01/10
44 laaa 359 02/09/11
45 ertryay 356 04/16/11
46 Michelle 355 08/12/10
47 jhey 353 03/01/11
48 wordmaster 352 03/30/10
49 Ms. Taemin 352 10/24/10
50 Audrey Z 350 04/02/10
51 RAM 347 04/04/10
52 AlexD 345 02/12/10
53 Joy Of Phi 341 03/17/10
54 Aerie 340 04/04/10
55 Joy of E 339 05/08/10
56 hyori 337 10/09/10
57 Minzy 334 10/07/10
58 Taeyeon 334 09/27/10
59 JQ 333 03/14/10
60 alu 324 06/08/11
61 guan 323 01/03/12
62 mlij 318 01/23/11
63 Sooyoung 312 10/04/10
64 lalala 309 07/25/10
65 anons 308 07/15/10
66 Jinny 307 03/19/10
67 The Game 307 04/17/12
68 Milk 307 05/14/10
69 tennisryan0 305 05/08/10
70 Yang S 303 07/24/11
71 kdong<3 301 09/13/10
72 Jiyeon 298 10/06/10
73 Kevin Lu 296 07/19/13
74 jojothebobot 296 12/26/13
75 Joy Of Pi 283 03/17/10
76 w 282 09/27/10
77 xcxffdbfdbdf 282 04/17/11
78 Hyoyeon 282 09/30/10
79 YoonA :D 280 08/20/10
80 milk!!! 279 04/17/10
81 theguywithth 276 01/05/13
82 virgy 275 05/05/10
83 fgyj 274 12/29/10
84 joez1999 274 12/27/13
85 wanginator 272 08/24/10
86 Sandmany 270 04/28/10
87 <'))>< :) 265 02/14/11
88 randomazn:] 262 02/05/10
89 bleahhh 260 10/31/10
90 pldl 260 05/06/11
91 YoonA! 258 08/19/10
92 Taengoo 257 10/02/10
93 J 257 07/28/11
94 oh snap! 256 03/16/10
95 Angela F :) 256 03/28/10
96 Super AZN 256 02/07/10
97 jis 254 03/29/10
98 hu 253 02/24/11
99 Addux 250 09/03/11
100 Angela :D 247 03/11/11